I was hired at Terminix as a svc Manager. 5 days a week and every other Saturday half day. They didn’t inform me that 5 days a week really meant 7A to 7Poo and techs calling you up to 930pm at night. If you can’t work those hours then your not a team member and that’s what they need is what I was told privately. 2 months in, the Saturdays became all day to meet productivity expectations. You must beat last year by 10 pct. A month later the Saturdays then became everybody working on the 1st weekend the month, so if the calendar fell the right way, you could work 3 Saturdays a month. NO exceptions. The branch manager Robert had One concern. Meeting numbers so he could get his 40 pct bonus at the end of the year. Techs don’t eat that or know about the bonus pay either. One year into working there, we were told to svc next Months customers early if we had any free time at the end of the month. I feel this was to increase revenue for her upcoming stock split. Do this several times per employee Nationwide and you have manipulated some numbers. Internally, not a company that has my values. Publicly, they have a good PR firm and the public is unaware that they go through help like crazy.

Submitted by M from Panama City, Fl

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.