My boyfriend and I just bought a bar in Savannah. We had lunch specials every day. We had been open for an hour , it was our sixth day of business. I was waiting on a table of 10, when the Terminix person came in and walked into the kitchen. A few minutes later the cook screamed. I didn’t know what had happened. Ran past the Terminix man to see my cook screaming, covering all the food, shutting off the stove ,and racing out of the kitchen .There was thousands of roaches all over the kitchen. The white refrigerator was black ,there were so many bugs on it. The terminix person was trying to give me a bill! I rushed all of the customers out the door before they could see what happened. Several of them never came back. Terminix was still waiting on payment. They had serviced the bar for several years under the old ownership. I informed them that we hadn’t hired them to service us! Nor would I. If they had sprayed correctly, There shouldn’t be any roaches in the bar. To leave before I called the police. Finally they left. It took several days to rid the place of bugs. Hadn’t seen any until they hit the nest.

Submitted by Karen Harmon from Savannah, Ga

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.