The door-to-door salesman came to our door and offered a free inspection. Of course he found termites and damage. He said that it was so bad the only way to get rid of all of them was to tent the house. (Found out later Terminix does not spot treat, only exterior spray and tent.) The man doing the exterior spray tried to reschedule our house to the weekend because we have a child daycare in our home and bug treatment cannot be done when children are present. The Terminix scheduler ignored their own person with a legitimate request!
The tenting salesman assured us that Terminix would work over the July 4th holiday to accomplish the tenting. When we called with an unrelated question we were told that the tenting would have to happen on July 3rd and the affected clients would just have to suck it up. When we asked when was he going to tell us about the change he said he was just going to show up the morning of the 3rd!
We canceled the tenting and tried to let Terminix management know about the poor customer service. Phone calls were routed to what is obviously an overseas call center that resolved nothing. Other calls got reassurances of resolution, but no call backs by their own deadlines, not even with an update. After our contract for exterior spraying and treatment is over we are cancelling our contract. Our advice is to not even consider Terminix until after the company is bought out, new management brought in, and the new team proves themselves.

Submitted by Chris Bell from Salinas, CA

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.