Terminix Desperately Tries to Disqualify Their Biggest Threat. Fails.

Terminix Tries to Disqualify Their Biggest Threat and Fails.

UPDATED: November 2, 2020 In a decisive victory for Alabama homeowners and businesses, Terminix has failed to silence its biggest critic and biggest threat: Termite Tom Campbell of Campbell Law PC. On October 30, 2020, the Alabama Supreme Court unanimously rejected Terminix’s claim that Campbell Law should be disqualified from representing the victims of its fraudulent termite practices because of alleged violations of the rules governing lawyer ethics. All of the Supreme Court justices agreed that Campbell Law PC did not violate any ethical rules by hiring the company’s former branch manager to assist with claims against the company. Campbell has vowed to continue his relentless pursuit of justice for Alabama consumers from Terminix’s fraud. Terminix recently reserved hundreds of millions of dollars to pay current and future claims. (***AL Supreme Court Judgment attached below.)

On Monday, June 17, 2019, Terminix lost their most recent effort to silence Campbell Law PC when a Baldwin County, Alabama judge denied its two hundred page motion to force Campbell out of Terminix fraud trials. Evidently, Terminix is worried: Campbell Law knows too many of their dirty secrets.

Terminix recently asked a court to disqualify Tom Campbell and Campbell Law PC from representing its customers, arguing that Campbell Law knows too much about Terminix’s fraud–essentially that he wins too many cases against Terminix and that he recovers too much money for the clients harmed by Terminix. The pest control company’s lawyer, Chris King of Lightfoot, Franklin and White, complained that Campbell has former Terminix technicians and managers testify about the frauds that its home office forces branches to carry-out, and consequently, the company cannot get a fair trial. Campbell Law argued that exposing Terminix’s fraud leads to fair results that Terminix dislikes.

Twenty-seven months after one of its former branch managers began working for Campbell Law, Terminix filed a motion to disqualify Campbell Law from representing people who were harmed by their practices. Terminix essentially made two arguments: 1) that its former manager was exposing Terminix’s fraudulent practices in his testimony and 2) that Campbell Law may have been given “top secret,” confidential information because it had copies of Terminix’s “ASPIRE” Service Manuals. In fact, Terminix complained that CAMPBELL LAW KNOWS SO MUCH ABOUT TERMINIX’S FRAUD THAT IT’S JUST UNFAIR! 

Terminix’s attorneys needed to do better homework. The service manuals in question are hardly top secret: any quick search of Google will reveal copies available on Amazon and eBay for around $35. Plus, if the new lawyers Terminix hired had bothered to talk to their client or to even read the court files from prior losses, they would have discovered that Terminix handed-over the manuals to Campbell Law decades ago, and they would have also known that a judge said Campbell Law could use the manuals for any case in America.

After losing a case to Campbell Law that resulted in a 1.7 million dollar award to one of Campbell’s clients, the effort to discredit Tom Campbell and his firm took-off once again. This is simply Terminix’s latest attempt to prevent Campbell Law from representing Terminix victims. Trying to get rid of Campbell and his decades-long knowledge of Terminix’s wrongdoing is not a new ploy by the defense for the pest control giant. Tom Campbell has been suing Terminix continuously since the 1990’s. During that time, Terminix has used – and later dropped – six high-powered law firms to defend the fraud cases in Alabama. It is now on its seventh law firm. 

Rather than clean up their act and treat their customers honestly and fairly, Terminix would rather get that pesky little law firm off their backs. Terminix has unsuccessfully sued Campbell’s firm, asked the Alabama Bar Association to take away Tom Campbell’s law license, and repeatedly lost motions to disqualify Campbell. Terminix continues to fail at these attempts to silence Campbell though losing has not deterred Terminix from  continuing its fraudulent practices anymore that losing causes them to quit trying to get rid of the lawyer who keeps beating them. 

Terminix seems to be under the odd impression that it can claim that its fraudulent practices are protected “trade secrets,” and that whistleblowers from Terminix should not be able to sound the alarm against them. The practices that Terminix routinely uses to cheat their customers and then to cover up the evidence of their fraud cannot be compared to justly confidential company information. In fact, Campbell provided testimony to the Court that Terminix’s fraud is so shameful that Terminix’s CURRENT employees often refer homeowners to the law firm. As Campbell pointed out in opposition to the motion, most Terminix employees hate doing bad treatments, selling bogus service, and making shoddy inspections. Sometimes good-hearted people will send Terminix documents to Campbell because the employees or former employees want the company to be held accountable for their actions.

If you are a current or former Terminix employee who wants to tell your story, Terminix cannot stop you, and Tom Campbell wants to hear it. 

If you have been hurt by Terminix’s bad conduct, Terminix cannot stop you. Feel free to reach out to the team at Campbell Law by phone or email. 

Although may try to keep trying to stop Campbell Law, Termite Tom and his team will keep fighting back against Terminix and for you. Campbell Law PC has eight lawyers and a dedicated staff of paralegals who do almost nothing but represent consumers and businesses with claims against pest control companies all across America. 

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***Follow this LINK to read the full decision from the Alabama Supreme Court.

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.