I wanted to add an unattached garage that had been updated and remodeled to my termite bond. A termite rep came to my house and spoke with me about new regulations and how they would have to redo my whole bond and retreat my house. He told me that all the old bond holders were going to have their bond renewal premiums go up substantially so it would be better for me to go ahead and do a new bond and they would treat the house and the outbuildings under the new bond and my renewals each year would be much lower. In fact the only way to get my garage added was to go with the new bond. I gave the rep a check for over $1000.00. A few days later the crew came out to treat my property. When the rep reviewed my property he came to the door and told me my house didn’t qualify with Terminix any longer and he could not treat anything. He told me as long as I paid my renewal bond I would be covered but they would not give me the “new” treatment nor would they add my garage to my old bond. I’ve had terminex for eight years and never had a claim. They have never retreated but I do have an inspection every year. I’m wondering now how high my premium is going to go up each year to get rid of me and my old contract.

Submitted by Cynthia w Nemish from Orange Beach, AL

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