Terminix came out to the house, did an inspection. The rep drastically oversold the service, claiming they would monitor and guarantee everything and pretending the extra services were actually part of the package I was buying.

They offered me a payment plan through SMAC because that first year of service was pretty expensive. I paid it off within their 3 months/no interest terms. A month after I paid them off completely they sent me a bill for $45. I called them and they said it was an error but would not elaborate about what caused the error (I’ve worked for shady companies too and I suspect, from the replies I received, that they bill lots of people this way and just apologize if they get caught). They did however at least send me a statement showing a $0 balance.

7 months later I had termites again. Definitely termites, they said it wasn’t termites, it’s carpenter ants. So that isn’t covered on the termite guarantee, they’d need more money. I told them no this time and called someone else who would treat for 1/3 the price.

I have cancelled my service with them, they are just too expensive and don’t want to live up to their promises. Their billing service, SMAC, is currently reporting to credit bureaus that I owe them $45 even though they sent me that statement showing a $0 balance. If you call Terminix they can’t help, and they make a really big deal of the fact that it was not Terminix who made that mistake. Hate to tell them this, but if their billing company can’t get it right then it’s still Terminix’s fault. Get a billing company that can do its job. Mostly I’ve gotten runaround from SMAC and still no one to fix it.

Service cancelled.

Submitted by B from Tulsa, OK

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.