Yes there’s an employee who goes by the name of Frank he has knocked on my door more than once I did let him into my apartment I should not have he has claimed he’s been here before when in fact he had not he also insinuated that I personally would be responsible for a pest control bill during the two times I’ve encountered him inside my home when he had a look around as I allowed him to do very briefly he did not replace or pop back the items he mood and other words he move stuff and a very aggressive sloppy way to not bother to move it back such as bed chair picture etcetera however he Clan guy and stood firm thinking he has some right to think that he can come in my home I feel that I owe him money when I live in an apartment and the worst side of Albuquerque New Mexico known as the war zone.
Frank Sinatra Justin character he’s come back I would like to post a picture on this site because currently I have a very large sign on my door that says personally with his first name Frank on it to please play smack my belongings and there someone proper place without leaving them in disarray in such a sloppy manner this man was not only disgusting personally his work ethic zero no professionalism no nothing this man I had to hold back from punching him right in the face if it shows up again this might happen this man clearly does not know rental law and tenants rights hopefully he’ll find out in future.
Because I’m pretty sure after Consulting with more than 8 attorneys this man is way out of line

Submitted by Gene from Albuquerque, n. m.

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.