Terminix Wildlife Removal (don’t get it, research first)Tampa.

We just bought a 1962 house I found termite Fras (termite pellets)

I called Terminix for a termite inspection at first, he didn’t find evidence of Subterranean termites, only for wood termite in certain areas because I show him were, they were. after all of that he proceeded to go to the attic he told me that there were Racoons and Wooden Rats feces (I just moved I don’t have a ladder) I ask if I can see the evidence of the animals he didn’t respond, he also mentioned that the racoon was chewing the air ducts… so I believe his word since the house is old.

So, he proceeded to sow fear, that I needed to get tenting and that I need also get subterranean termites. I decline since I knew that was bulls***, anyway I opted for getting the Wild Life renewal and it was for 2 years for a total of 1500$ I paid cash, anyway I did my research and turns out that the raccoons feces are like granola, he lied the feces were old and were not granulated after 2 services one they put 3 mouse traps and on the second they covered about 3 holes on the receipts I had was a total of 189$ I was unsatisfied since there was no raccoon which was the main reason I took that service. I also called another company to get a second opinion whit out mentioning about Terminix this guy search all of it whit out me telling were so he didn’t saw subterranean, and instead of tenting he proposed to do it by area which were only 3 areas which was cheaper. he told me the feces dint look raccoon and they looked old which is what i figured out…

So, whit the info at hand I decided to cancel and get at least 1300$ of my cash back, at firt i spoke whit the sales manager and he started giving me stupid excuses like ” if i eat a burger, do I return it? i told him that i took only one bite and if i dint like it i could return it” that dint work out so i tried to contact someone higher up, i told him i was reasonable that i wans’t out to do harm, he told me he was reasonable too and that he would take 600$ back after i din’t agree, he upped the price to 800$…. he wants to give me only 760$ out of the 1500$ due to “expenses”(he claimed that he pays for his employee uniforms, medical insurance etc etc) I ran the numbers there no way in h*** that costed 800$ for 3 mouse traps, wasp insecticide and cover some hold whit mesh and few screws. I called to the BBB the case is pending and he still doesn’t want to turn in the 1300$ back only 800$.

I feel robbed and angry that they have the balls to do this to me, the company says 100% money back or satisfaction guaranteed… yet I can’t get my money back before the 30 days. I am a reasonable man, I know a fair price would be at most 400$ and that pushing it, not 800$!!!

Submitted by Anthony Rivera-Rodriguez from Tampa, Florida

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.