They don’t want to cancel contract and don’t want to give my money back.

So I called Terminix for termite removal the tech Johnathan Camp came in on the 10/26/2018 he checked the house not very through the quickly suggested the most expensive option tenting and even though he dint find the Subterranean termites only Dry wood he wanted me to get the subterranean too, he proceeded to check the attic he said there was feces on the attic he told me it was a raccoon and that there were rats and proceeded to say that the raccoon was chewing the AC air duct I ask him to see for myself( we just bought the house, I dint have a ladder) but he stayed quiet I got alarmed so I decided to get the Wild life removal for 2 years for the price of 1536.75$ I don’t want to get into contracts so I paid whit my credit card. instead of the termite removal.

Fast forward a bit a tech came by and put about 3-4 mouse traps then came another 2 to cover up holes in total they charged 189$ out of the 1500$ of my Terminix account. I began to be skeptic because they dint found any racoon, so decided to investigate myself and started reading on raccoons and rats and their feces what they looked like which for raccoons were granola like, I managed to get into the attic whit a series of boxes. I saw the feces and they were not very big for a raccoon and they were not granulated also they looked quite old. from my experience as an Alarm technician seen a lot of Rat poop and that what they looked like.

To be sure I called another termination company to get a second opinion so see if it matched what I had read and saw, I dint’s tell him about Terminix I told him I needed a quote the guy search all by himself, and offer me a variety of options and told me there were was no evidence of subterranean termites but that not to be complete sure, he proceed to check the attic he told me what I suspected the that the feces looked like rat or cat and that they were old. Whit that info in hand I called to cancel the contract since I was misinformed and get some of the money back before the 30 days.

First I talked whit Dan Hendricks sale manager I told him I wanted 1300$ minus the work done. and he proceeded total senseless stuff and said that they weren’t going to get the money back that ” if I ate something at a restaurant, do I ask for my money back? and I told him I dint eat the whole meal just a bite and wasn’t satisfied I would could get the money back. He proceed whit senseless stuff, he called back couple of days later and passed me whit his boss Fred Hall he proceeded to tell me he was a reasonable man he would take 600$ out of the rest I dint’s agree whit him and I got mad, I know the work done doesn’t even pass 300$ at most and overpriced, he then got mad and said that offer wasn’t longer on the table he said that he would take now 800$ mentioning senseless stuff and that he wanted to go home and see for himself I told him no since he can outright lie and tell me. that its raccoon poop I just wanted to cancel the contract that he paid for their uniforms, healtcare etc., I told him he would be allowed to take 800$ out if he showed me proper documentations and receipts that the stuff they did on my house was worth 800$ so far he stayed quiet and hasn’t provided me whit any type of documentation.

I want to cancel the contract due to being misinformed on the raccoon and taking a service I dint need. Yet they wont and the contract still open, so far I have tried BBB, Federal Trade commission, Consumer affairs, e and state consumer protection, contract is still open they wont return my 1500$. if this were time were people dint hide behind paperwork this would be considered theft.

Be very careful, know what you have, and research on your own to kind of know what you getting into don’t let them scare you into taking a service you don’t need.

Submitted by Anthony Rivera-Rodriguez from Tampa, Florida

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.