We had Terminex come out to our house because we thought we had termites. The guy that came out, we describe what we had, so without seeing any, except a few dead ones in window , he said we had termites. So he sold us a bait station for our yard. The man came out and put all the bait stations around my house. We paid cash for the bait stations, which was $1000 dollars. Well 3 to 4 weeks later we still had the flying black insects coming in our house, and there were quite a few. So I called Terminex again, and they sent out a termite inspector to inspect the house inside and out. He is a professional TERMITE inspector. when he finished, he told me we had absolutely no termites inside or out. Terminex refuses to give us our $1000 dollars back, I have made many calls to them even call corporate, sent emails, they will NOT return calls or anything. Not sure what to do, but am letting anyone and everyone that reads this Please do not use Terminex for anything, they will steal your money

Submitted by Joann Brown from Fontana

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.