I am my 91 year old mother’s power of attorney. She had a Terminix contract on a house she owned in Ramer TN ,,,,customer #974….. The property was sold in June 2017. The VERY next day, I called to terminate the contract. Oh, no problem, they said. 6 months later I get renewal notices,,,,oh, don’t worry, it is canceled. In May, I get a FRIGGING bill for spraying for bugs. I call, and they say, disregard the bill,,,,contract was terminated. THEN, In August 2018, I get ANOTHER bill for bug service in July. NO ONE EVER BOTHERED TO TELL ME UNTIL AUGUST 2018 that there was a SEPARATE contract for bug spraying vs. termite control until then!!! They tell me then, that they will contact the district manager to have charges reversed. I get another bill for $212.00 …. I call both times and think it has been taken care of. BUT NO! I just got ANOTHER bill! Now, the rep tells me that they will write off April 2018 but not the July service, because they said I did not call until August!!! WTF???? I had been calling and calling!!! I thought when I called “TERMINIX” to cancel, that EVERYTHING was canceled, and it SHOULD have been! My mother has not owned this property for a year and a half and there is no way in **** that i am paying this bill! AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE!

Submitted by Angela Patrick from Orange Park

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.