Recently I had an appointment with Terminix to come to the house to evaluate. I told Terminix I would like the 3-5 o’clock time slot. During the late morning of that day the tech called and said he could not make it because his car broke down. We rescheduled for the following day at the same time. This ended up being a no show, no call. Didn’t hear a thing from Terminix. Two days after that, there was a loud knock on the door at 10am. I wanted the 3-5 time slot because I work nights and sleep mornings to early afternoons. Opened the door to see a Terminix guy in uniform. I told him the situation and at 10am I’m sleeping or trying to. He had no idea what was going on except to tell me I was on his schedule. I should have asked him to leave and I would reschedule at a better time. The fact of the matter was that I had no intentions of doing that. Car break down? on a Friday on one of the most beautiful days we’ve had for awhile and a no show, no call on the rescheduled day? I don’t do no shows. So I let this present Terminix guy in and we went through the house. Sure didn’t talk much. No small talk, no smile. Pretty unfriendly. We next went outside and walked around the house. I picked up a stick that was in a nearby shrub to throw it out. Well, the next thing I heard from this guy was “did I want to whip him” (with this stick). I ignored him hoping he would get the hint. He then said it again and asked if I wanted to do it “inside or outside”. Are you serious? Assuming I would schedule for service as he gave me quotes, I told him I wanted to talk to a few other companies about price. He said he would email the quotes and gave me his card. The only email I got from Terminix was an ad, no quotes. I called this guy to let him know about that email and would he please email me the prices. Needless to say, I’ve heard nothing from anyone at Terminix. Should I report him? I imagine it would be word against word and I don’t need to add any more stress to an already stressful life. Let me add that I’m a 64yo single female living alone.

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.