After 5 months the work has NOT been completed, I still have rodents in my home.
1) They require a credit card when you sign the contract and promise not to charge it until the work has been done. I fortunately blocked the account as soon as the salesperson left.And as I suspected 3 days later they tried to debit my account and were forced to come an start the work.( no work – no pay)
2) The first crew “supposedly” sealed the home but I have a contractor friend that inspected the work and found holes every where,. in fact they only sealed the east an south sides but left north and west open.
3) I had to call and they returned to finish the job but not according to the promised method which was to bury the mesh into the ground to prevent rodents from digging under, they just lined the bottom of the mesh with 2×4’s.
4) Still my mom heard scratching, I called and they sent someone to put “traps”
5) After 5 months we spotted a mouse inside our home and called again (this is the 5th time in 5 months). An Inspector came and found 2 places where there were openings in the fence and just left with the excuse there was a mistake in their scheduling and his crew was sent else where.
this is three days later and I am still waiting for them to come and deal with the mouse.

Even their contract is a bunch of mumbo jumbo that not even a lawyer can descifer, It does not state in writing anything they promise.

Submitted by mike ortiz from Casselberry, fl

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