tech came to my house and assured me that the chemical he was spraying was 100% safe around children, animals and people, i asked if i should cover my fish tanks in a wet towel and take myself and the cat outside while he sprayed he insisted on us staying in the home until the spray was done. He wanted to be assured that my scared cat was not going to lick the floor boards or ceiling. YES IM SURE i watched her the whole time. so about 29 hours later i had to rush my cat to the hospital and then myself. we were poisoned with terrible GI symptoms and have not gotten better it has now been 3 days and $1,000 later in VET AND HOSPITAL BILLS. the tech was spraying this “safe” chemical around my home like an aerosol deodorant spray, didn’t speak English that well, seemed like he didn’t care about his job at all. I am more then disappointed, disgusted, applauded, dissatisfied…ect,

Submitted by A from Aroura, CO

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.