I was an employee for 16 months the only good thing was being by myself and the week long free training thay paid for BUT DON’T MAKE THIS YOUR LONG TIME PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT thay use the he’ll oh of you and still you hourly pay by going in on Monday and citing you hours,you work to PLEASE corporate they want you to work 10 to 13 hours daly and pay you for 9 of them hours and sit around branch and still from techs AND CUSTOMERS WHEN THEY PAY WITH CASH POCKET THE MONEY AND GIVE THEM CREDIT IN THE SYSTEM IT HAPPENS DALIY BUT THE HARD WORKINH TECH GETS TREATED LIKE S*** THAY CARE NOTHING ABOUT THE TECH THE COMPANY AND BRANCH ARE POORLY MANAGED THE CHEAT THERE CUSTOMERS WITH OVER PRICEING WITH A SAME CHEMICALS YOU CAN BUY FOR CHEAP AT LOWES AND HOME DEPOT ARE YOU LOCATE FARM AND FEED STORE

Submitted by D from Alexandria

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.