this is the short version — disaster. not with the treatment itself, but the lack of treatment. despite numerous letters and long calls: after the inspector, a termite technician came on the wrong date, a pest control (outside sprayer) came another time that i was expecting the technician. last night i learned that while i thought i had an appointment with a technician this a.m., in fact another inspector was going to come out. i cancelled that appointment.

everyone along the way, if they answer calls at all, are very kind and patient, “will take care of it,” and it’s not taken care of yet. that makes at least five people i’ve talked to besides the inspector and briefly the supervisor of the pest control sprayer.

among other things, talking to the control phone room this morning, i learned that i had cancelled my contract. NOT!!

my house is a shambles with crates brought up from the garage so the technician would have space to work. i have had to dismantle my bed and bedroom. i am sleeping in the “guest” room, which is mostly storage at this point. and i have a guest coming for several months, in two weeks, and i have no space to give her.

i am not a happy camper.

Submitted by chanita stillerman from sn francisco, california

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