We have had termite coverage since we built our home in 2008. Two years ago a termite inspector named Dallas came out around Christmastime and checked around the house, putting on coveralls to go through the crawl space. As he was removing the coveralls after finishing, I stepped out of the house to speak with him. He immediately started panting like he had been running. He told me that he’d seen a snake under my house and it was chasing a mouse. He also showed me pictures from his cell phone of my rotting beams. He claimed it was wet under the house and it wouldn’t be long before termites and mice and even snakes would find their way into my home. He proposed a solution to the tune of between $8 and $12,000. He said he lived nearby and I could call him directly for service, rather than go through dispatch. I knew he was lying. I called a competing company and the next day was inspected again. I didn’t say anything about the Terminix experience. He said all was well. I asked him, “Didn’t you see any snakes chasing mice around my rotting crawl space?” He hadn’t seen anything and showed me pictures of my beautiful beams in perfect condition. I left a message with Terminix about it and never heard back. The next year, a new guy comes out, says all is OK except the huge hole in my foundation which would allow animals in. It was supposedly under the A/C outlet into the crawl space. I checked and found no hole. I gather that these guys are on commission only and will say anything to get a sale. The termite guy is back today. I can’t wait to read his report.

Submitted by Sheepsnot from Nashville, TN

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.