My wife and I had Terminix come to our house because we had an opossum problem. they were under our house and climbing up our fiberglass tubs. We were told they could get rid of them and they told us we had a water problem under our house. We thought they knew what they were doing so we listen to them. The next thing we knew is that they were going to do an encapsulation under our house by the time they were finished it came to $10,000.00! They said that it would be sealed up and if there is no water there is no pest. I wish I would have run them off. I’m sure they never thought I would crawl under the house to check things out I took pic’s and it was the worst job I’d ever seen.  They sent out another person to fix it and of course, it had to be done the right way they knew I would crawl under there again. Anyway, they NEVER NEVER KEPT THEIR CONTRACT. They never sent anyone to check it out and take care of it during the first year. Also, we have been paying them to keep mice out of our house. The tech came out just the other day and was here less than 5 min he thought my wife wasn’t here. When I contacteTerminixix they said it was a miss comunication. And now I can’t get them to respond to my emails. They screwd us so bad and I think of the old people that can’t get under their houses to make sure they are done right. They broke their contract. They were supposed to come and check on the encapsulation and fix anything that needed fixing and also change the filter on the dehumidifier. They never came and done any of this. I wish I could sue them just to show them they can’t get away with doing people the way they do. We have mice in our house now and we never had them inside before. I believe in a higher power they will pay for lying and cheating.

Submitted by Danny Sherrill from Jasper Tn.

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.