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We have a vacation cabin in the Ellijay GA. area. We purchased the cabin about 3 years ago, the previous owner had a contract with Terminix. We determined the contract was transferable so we paid the annual renewal fee to keep the contract in force. They were supposed to inspect the property, but it took more than 2 months and MANY phone calls to accomplish this simple feat. The next year we received our bill for the annual inspection, again it took about 2 months and again MANY phone calls to convince them to inspect the cabin. We also discovered the contract was still in the previous owner’s name. After 3 or 4 phone calls we were able to have our name placed on the contract. This year a month or so prior to renewal time a Terminix Representative contacted me by phone and stated if we renewed we would receive a $25.00 discount on the annual fee. We received out billing without the $25.00 discount. I remitted payment in full minus the $25.00 discount. I also included a note explaining the reason for the reduced payment. Three weeks later I received a bill for the $25.00. I immediately sent a detailed response regarding the discount. This evening I received an email indicating my policy was cancelled , no mention of returning the $289.00 payment I had remitted. I shall be calling them tomorrow , but expect the same level of response I have received in the past, another run around.

Submitted by Richard A Purtell from Silas

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