Signed up for outside and inside services for mice problem which increased after they did whatever they did. Called to ask them to come out right away because of increased activity in our house. Got a run around that they have to send a message to our office, to check the schedule, etc. so I sent email to the guy who signed us up and received a call from someone who when I returned the call notified he was away until Wednesday (this was on a Friday afternoon). Guy assigned to our house came but it was three-month scheduling anyway. After he left activity has increased once again. I called last night for an urgent visit by someone today – have received no call backs and no scheduling and no response to emails. They will not give a direct number to call – the technician gave me his card but of course only voice mail on his cell and when I called another number on the card it didn’t go through. I thought this business was expert in controlling pests and instead of increased our activity which is making it uncomfortable to live in our own home.

Submitted by E from Philadelphia, PA

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.