Terminix tried to trick me into canceling my policy and voiding my warranty coverage, when I refused they canceled my policy anyway. My house has been covered by the Terminix subterranean termite policy, since the spring of 2010. In the fall of 2016, when subterranean termites were found a few feet away from my front door on the front porch, I called Terminix for a treatment. Terminix told me, that due to the fact my house is on the water, they can’t do any external termite treatments. I was shocked, so I asked if they had ever done any external preventative treatments during the years since 2010 while I was paying for their service. Their answer was that they hadn’t because they were prevented by law from treating the outside of my house due to water being nearby. I was present during every visit Terminix made to my house since my policy started, so I know for a fact they never performed any treatment on the inside of my house either. So for all those years Terminix had never performed a treatment either inside or outside my house, I was shocked. Then I asked whether they intended to just wait until the termites got inside my house, and then they would be stuck with a major repair bill. There was quite a bit of back and forth with them for many days about this issue, on whether they would do any treatment outside my house. Finally they said they would come out and place some bait sticks around my house. The day they showed up to place bait sticks around my house, the first thing they did is place a document in front of me to sign. This was a big read flag to me, so I read the first page. Upon reading, I told them that I would never sign the document, since it would cancel my current policy providing for termite damage repairs, but that I still wanted the bait sticks. The document they insisted that I sign, was a conversion document from the policy I had with termite damage repair coverage, to one that didn’t provide any damage repair coverage just external bait sticks. I was shocked that they tried trick me into signing away my warranty coverage, after termites had already been found outside my house. They didn’t explain what I was being pressured to sign, they just told me to sign it immediately or the bait sticks wouldn’t be deployed. When I refused to sign away my warranty rights, they refused to place bait sticks out, and simply left. Move forward to July 19, 2017 when I discovered Termites inside my house next to my front door, so thinking that I was covered by a Terminix policy, I call Terminix for service. They said that my policy had been “converted” in November of 2016. So I asked what it was “converted” to, and by whom. They said it was simply “converted” to nothing. So my policy & warranty was canceled in November of 2016 without any notice simply because I refused to voluntarily sign away my warranty. No notice was ever sent by mail, email or phone indicating that my coverage had been canceled. So bottom line is that after termites were found just outside my front door, Terminix attempted to trick me into signing a document which would’ve voided my warranty. When deception didn’t work, they simply canceled my policy & warranty without notice. Now the termites are in my house, and Terminix only says my policy was canceled by them last November.

Submitted by William Smith from Corpus Christi, TX

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.