Melbourne, Fl.
Have had Terminix contract 28 years and have paid all the various treatment updates Terminix implemented over the years, ie. special treatments, bate systems, etc. Never a lapse in renewal, inspection or payment. Painters discovered rotted wood in my front door arch 2 weeks ago. Had inspection by Terminix and found subterranean termite tunnels throughout top of wooden arch..lots of pictures. Second visit by Terminix Inspection and Claim Supervisor verified the termites had eaten out most of the wood in the arch area but he could not find any that were “alive”…all dead? After several days of discussion (more pictures) Terminix said I have no claim because they found no live termites in the area, just dead ones…Holy Cow! Bottom line they will not pay anything toward repairing the termite rotted wood. Contract bond guaranteed worthless. When asked what (if any)are my options left, the Supervisor told me of course I could get a Lawyer. Want a Scam! After 28 years as a customer, they will do absolutely nothing. Now looking for someone to fix my problem at my expense. Of course I will not be renewing the “Guaranteed Bond Contract” with a $250.00 inspection of thumbing the walls and walking around the house for 15 minutes; as if they really get any idea, regarding the termite status of my home. People be aware, Terminix is a Scam company here in Melbourne, Fl. and they have no problem lying to your face and refusing to do nothing. What a disappoint! We have been spreading the warning to all our friends locally and on social media that might have contract with Terminix.

Submitted by Robert Buckley from Melbourne

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.