A Terminix representative named Jacob showed up at my property today unannounced to perform routine service. He had a horrible combative attitude from the moment he arrived. I live in a duplex where my mother lives in the other unit. He went to her unit first. When he arrived at my unit, he began complaining about her to me saying she was hostile and rude to him. I told him that didn’t sound like something my mother would do. He continued to complain about her and I could tell right away that this guy was unstable mentally. He proceeded to spray once on the frame of my entry door and exited. I followed him out to his truck and asked if he was done. He said yes because he wasn’t going to be treated in such a rude way. I asked him to call his supervisor as I’d like to speak with him or her. He called and had his supervisor on speaker phone while explaining how rude we had been to him and how he wasn’t going to take it. I got on the phone with the supervisor and explained that it was actually the opposite; that Jacob was actually being quite rude to us and he didn’t even do the job. The supervisor tried to smooth things over and I just stated that I wasn’t going to pay for this “service” and I asked Jacob to leave. I spoke with my mother afterwards and she confirmed that he was very rude to her as well and didn’t do the routine service in her unit either. I won’t be using Terminix any longer…I have no desire for disrespectful, rude, and mentally unstable people entering my home.

Submitted by P from Livermore ME

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.