I called Terminix due to a problem I was having with field mice this call lead to a nightmare to make a long story short they did not service me the way they promised I had to hire outside help after playing Terminix about $400 I called numerous times to complain because I was told by the tech Darryl that if anything goes wrong or I needed traps changed or removed to call well that didn’t happen but what did happen was this same tech Darryl started calling me all hours of the day and nite saying strange things I guess because I cancelled the service and refused to pay anymore money because they did not hold true to the so called policy they have in place for customers which I now know is a crock of you know what! Anyway this tech starts to call me all times of day night whatever he said things to me I took to be threats and made me very fearful of him after contacting the main HQ for Terminix after months of calling to resolve this bill issue and inform them of how I was being harassed by one of their employees this issue basically was swept under the rug I still haven’t received a refund that I asked for when I cancelled the service after once again calling the HQ a service rep. Told me over the phone that Darryls supervisor spoke to him and my bill was cancelled. I was appalled it was like they just swept my situation under the rug like it never happened meanwhile I was still very afraid for my safety I’m new to this area so I don’t know anybody up here I alerted my family about what happened why I was feeling unsafe. I still feel this way and I let them (Terminix) know they just said don’t worry. This was a very stressful situation this man called me and would say things like “your taking the food out my kids mouth” and “I’m the messenger” he would have me in tears I already have a anxiety disorder I had to double up on my dose just to keep calm this is very serious he knows where I live my contact number all that I’ve express this many times to them.

Submitted by Charrisse Jacklin from Beacon NY

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.