I started working for Terminix in the Spring of 2012 as a termite technician. At the time I started working there everything was great. Technicians were happy and everyone from management down got along great. That was all until December of 2015 when the new branch manager stepped in. He said he wanted to be over a great branch where everyone treated each other like family. He said he liked that. Things started going downhill by the middle of January. While my job title was “termite technician” I was not doing much that had to do with termites. The focus of the sales team was to sell as much of the “innovative services” as possible. These “innovative services” included exclusion(my complaints on this service could be a post on its own.), leaf defier, and insulation(both attic and subfloor). I didn’t complain too much at first because January and February were typically slow months when it came to termite sales in the branch I worked for. I expected once swarm season started that the focus would turn to selling termite jobs. Boy was I wrong. I was working in attics every day. They pushed so much insulation, there was a 2 week wait before we could get to them. While all this was going on my service manager had no say-so in how anything or weekend schedules. He decided to transfer to another branch. Candidly, he told a few of us that things were about to get bad on the termite side. After he left things went from bad to worse. We were being worked a minimum of 10 hours a day. We were told if we were done with our work before 5 to call and they would give us more. We were also told they needed all hands on deck every Saturday because of the back log of work. We were expected to work 6 days a week. In order to save on overtime they started micro-managing hours of the hourly technicians. If they felt there was too much time between stops they would take some time off of the time sheet. If they felt you took a lunch but didn’t clock out they would deduct the 30 minutes from you time sheet. I finally had enough of the long hours in the heat so a couple of us confronted management. They told us if we wanted to be home by 4 every day to go somewhere else. We were told working until dark was the “Terminix way.” As if all this wasn’t bad enough, if we called in sick during the week our next scheduled Saturday off was forfeited to make up for the day we missed. We were given sick days to take when we were sick. They would use the sick day when we were sick and still would have to work the weekend. Then the flood hit in august and everything went further to hell. There were many days that I would quit working at 7 pm with another 2-3 hours of work on my schedule. This was just my story. Many of the other techs were being short changed on checks. Hours were being taken off because management thought they were milking the clock. I know when I left for another pest control company at the end of October, 4 people quit in the 4 months prior and another has since left.

Submitted by J from Baton Rouge, La

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.