I am writing this at 2:48 am because I was awakened by termites crawling all over my body in my sleep.
This all started when I called Terminix now (about three weeks ago) to let them know I had a serious termite issue in my bedroom, that had been treated by them multiple times before. I told them that I knew for a fact that it was termites that I had in my room and that it needed to be treated immediately as they were crawling all over my bed in the night time and it was preventing me from being able to sleep. They said not a problem and that the local branch would contact me within two days because they had escalated the issue.

A week later I had not heard back from anyone at Terminix. I called back and the same thing occurred. I also did not hear back from a local representative.

Last week I called Terminix once again, this time very upset to not have heard back from anyone in over 2.5 weeks from my initial “emergency” call. They apologized immediately and stated they would get someone from the local branch for me immediately – guess what? They were not able to get through. The local “manager” a female called me two days later to let me know that I could not be penciled into the schedule for a mere inspection until 1 week later and then that they would schedule a termite treatment following- with no set commitment on availability.

Now let me explain my situation – I have a very serious termite problem – by now, I know exactly what they look like, how their bodies are segmented, what time a year they come out, that they tend to hang out in very large groups on my bed, and that it gets very bad very fast. Unfortunately this “manager” did not believe that these winged creatures with straight abdomen (winged swarmers) were termites and thought that the bright solution was to send over the regular pest control which did nothing for me, but allow more time to go by and more termites to accumulate.

The manager was extremely rude , with no tact for upset customers, did not allow for a positive scheduling experience and did not help – the only reason why I am writing this email right now is because this manager did not resolve a pertinent, emergency issue, she let it get worse.

The worst part is that when the pest control guy came over, he said there was no female manager at their branch, only male. And that I was probably speaking to the assistant.

I don’t know what to do anymore, I am completely devastated with the fact that I can’t sleep and unfortunately it’s due to the horrible service of Terminix.

Submitted by Camila Ramon from Miami, FL

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.