I had Terminex come out last November and gave me a quote to clear a rat problem that I had in my attic and walls.
They quoted me $1200 . I have a small house and they proceeded with the first rat removal in January .
We are now into August and with over 12 service calls of which half of them never even showed up after I waited for 3 hours without even a phone call and being assured my the local Terminex District Manager that they would address this problem which has got steadily worse he now ignores my calls .
Customer service has been way nice and very sorry without has been going on and keeps assuring me that I will get a phone call from a local Manager and get this problem for once rectified .
That was 4 calls ago and 2 weeks and yet I am still being ignored .
I am a super easy going guy and now my frustrations with this company have got to the point where I am going to seek legal help to get my money back .
The Rats are getting worse and 9 months of this .
Well you can well imagine how I feel .
Thanks for letting me vent my frustrations on here with this company . The next is legal action .

Submitted by Wayne Dinniss from San Diego ca

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.