Formosan Termites Invade Louisiana – Terminx Says Not Our Problem

termite inspector discovers Formosan termites

The spread of Formosan termites from the New Orleans and southern parts of Louisiana is reaching epidemic levels with damage to both homes and businesses in the area reaching into the millions of dollars. More recently, these voracious pests have begun to appear in the northwestern part of the state.

First Recorded Find of Formosan Termites in Northwest Louisiana

According to state authorities, Twin City Exterminating owner John Digilormo was the first to find an infestation of these insects in a client’s home in the Dogwood Subdivision of Haughton. Although they have established a firm foothold in and around New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Monroe, West Monroe, this is the first time they have been found this far north.

Digilormo stated he had treated more than 900 homes for termites in this area last year, but typical subterranean termites do not swarm at night. Those he found were doing just that, which led him to believe he was dealing with a different type of insect. After contacting authorities, he was informed that they were indeed Formosan termites.

These termites are capable of consuming up to 13 ounces of wood per day in a single colony, making them far more destructive than the subterranean variety. On top of this, they are much harder to eradicate and require different forms of treatment than the subterranean variety.

Beware of National Pest Control Companies

According to, there is a growing number of lawsuits being filed against major national pest control services such as Terminix for failing to properly protect homes and businesses from Formosan termites. Many of the complaints anchor around the fact that Terminix has failed to mention infestations of these insects during their inspections or on subsequent “Wood Destroying Insect Reports.”

The average consumer believes that these reports are supposed to give them some form of safety net, a way of knowing that your home is well protected and that they are not at risk of an infestation from all forms of termites.

This is not the case as has been evidenced by the number of homes that have been “treated” by Terminix, only to find that they have become heavily damaged by colonies of Formosan Termites resulting in millions of dollars’ worth of damage.  The damage that to-date Terminix has refused to admit is a direct result of their failure to administer the appropriate treatment.

This is not just happening in Louisiana; it is happening all around the country. Recently, lawyers representing Terminix filed a motion to have testimony from more than 20 claimants whose Arkansas homes were wrecked by these termites suppressed. This is further proof that companies like Terminix have been misrepresenting their services and capabilities for years. These cases are set to be heard in the next few months, with Terminix complaints continuing to surface across the country. 


If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.