Terminix Hides Termite Damage from Arkansas Homeowners

Why Did Terminix and the Arkansas Plant Board Not Tell Lake Village Homeowners How Bad Things Were at Their Home?

In 2013, a homeowner in Lake Village Arkansas found termite damage in a beam above their crawlspace. It was revealed much later that this area of the crawlspace was too low to get into for inspection and treatment. This meant that a crucial part of the home’s structure had gone unprotected. By not treating the area or notifying their customer that they could not, Terminix caused themselves to be fully liable for the damage.

Initially, the homeowners contacted regulators (Plant Board) for help. At this point they were only aware of the damage to the beam. The Plant Board inspected and also failed to notify the homeowners that their home did not receive a complete treatment. Their recommendation was that the homeowners should negotiate with Terminix for the cost of the damage.

Instead, they decided to get representation instead from attorneys at Campbell Law PC in Birmingham, AL. That’s when principal Tom Campbell went into the crawlspace to find the truth. Tom revealed that the beam had become infested because the area had never been treated.

Terminix didn’t need to be negotiated with, they needed to be sued. Had the homeowners negotiated they would have been made responsible for damage that was not their fault. The Plant Board should’ve done their jobs and discovered the damage before we did. Both parties severely failed our client. They were protected from the negligence of both the parties solely because they reached out to us.

Crawling through attics and basements and crawl spaces to locate evidence of infestation and damage is par for the course at Campbell Law PC. Reach out to us, will evaluate your claim at no cost to you. You never know if not contacting us could lead to a tragic mistake.

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Terminix and the Plant Board said they had inspected the crawlspace numerous times, most likely neither party did. If they had then they should have known and notified the homeowners.

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