How Terminix Fakes Documentation of Termite Treatments

Falsify the Flow Meter Reading

Terminix claims that employees cannot falsify records regarding┬áchemical application to your home, because they use “flow meters” on company trucks. Their operation is similar to a water meter’s. The rigs record the volume of chemicals that flow through the hose that injects the treatment. Then technicians must show that the volume recorded matches the flow meter. So unless┬áthe numbers do not match then it would not be possible to apply less chemicals than required. Unfortunately, this is not the case.


It was found out at the Terminix Montgomery, Alabama office, managers had instructed technicians to fake the volumes used by manipulating the flow meters. At Terminix they refer to this as “running the box.” The way this is done is by causing the flow meter to be matched incorrectly to the required volume needed for treatment by running the hose back into the tank.

For instance, if you run 200 gallons of chemical back through the tank five times: it will say you applied 1,000 gallons when actually you applied nothing at all.

This ingenious way to cover-up fraud works. As long as technicians don’t rat-out the company.

Unfortunately, technicians who did not comply with this scam would have their hours. If they still didn’t follow through with it, they would be fired.

How would you feel if this kind of deception was being carried out at your house or a family member’s?What if you or a friend was fired for doing the right thing in this situation? If you are a customer or an employee and potentially have helpful information, then come forward. You could be preventing such maltreatment from happening.

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