Mobile Sheriff Collecting Terminix Assets to Pay Widow Terminix Defrauded

Termite Tom Now in Possession of Terminix’s Mobile Area Computers after Sheriffs Raid Terminix and Seize Computers, Tablets, and Hard Drives

March 30, 2020 (Mobile, AL) EDITED: The following story has been edited to correct mistakes of fact. It’s a story that makes most decent folks shake their heads: a giant pest control company fails to protect the home of an elderly couple, refuses to make it right when their home is destroyed by termites, and then bullies the widow after her husband dies. The happy ending should  come when “Termite Tom” (Tom Campbell of Campbell Law PC) secures a $1.7 million judgment for the widow, but the kicker is the crooked company still refuses to pay.

This story is all too real. Terminix was found guilty of defrauding an elderly couple, they lost the appeal, and they still didn’t pay. While Terminix drug out the case, the elderly husband died. Terminix told the 82-year-old widow to take a terrible settlement offer and warned her that she might die without ever getting paid if she did not. Terminix’s lawyers threatened they would be “be aggressive” in all of the cases brought by Termite Tom, and they bragged that they would never pay a victim more than $1,000,000.

Mobile County Sheriffs removing assets from Terminix offices.

On Monday, March 30, the Mobile County Sheriff’s office served a writ of execution, which allowed it to seize computer equipment, hand-held devices, and other hard drives as a consequence of Terminix refusing to pay the final and binding arbitration award due to the widow.

As many in the Gulf Coast area know, Terminix has been under scrutiny for drastically raising its annual renewal premiums in an attempt to run off customers who might have potential claims against the pest control giant. According to Campbell, “This time Terminix has gone too far in refusing to pay the final judgment from an arbitration to an 80-year-old widow from Mobile.” 

“Terminix has raised a lot of powerful eyebrows by increasing annual renewal premiums – sometimes by tens of thousands of dollars,” says Campbell. “Rather than providing the services it promised to provide, was already paid to provide, and was sometimes ordered by the regulators to provide. Terminix chose instead to run off tens of thousands of customers in the area.” Campbell knows that exacting justice against Terminix for his elderly client will pave the way for justice for future homeowners harmed by Terminix.

According to Campbell, the Alabama Attorney General’s office has begun seeking information from Terminix and other sources regarding what is likely a violation of Alabama’s Deceptive Trade Practices Act. Campbell hopes Attorney General Marshall will not let Terminix abuse the tens of thousands of customers that the company abandoned: “My law firm has offered to help with these efforts in any way we can, provided that the relief sought makes whole every homeowner that Terminix cheated.”

The first of many seizures at Terminix offices across Alabama.

Termite Tom urges homeowners to encourage their local District Attorney and the Attorney General to use the full power of the law to protect the citizens of Alabama. He says, “Our elected officials have the responsibility to hold this multibillion-dollar company accountable, a company that, on many occasions, has not only failed or refused to follow the applicable rules and regulations, it has knowingly disregarded orders to comply by Alabama’s regulatory agency.”

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Follow these links for the full text of arbitration award and the full text of the judgment.

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