Mobile County Sheriff Executes Writ Seizing Terminix’s Computers and Hard Drives

March 30, 2020 EDITED: The following story has been edited to correct mistakes of fact.

The Mobile County Sherriff’s office executed a writ of execution on Terminix International this morning, seizing computer equipment, hand-held devices, and other hard drives, as a consequence of its refusal to pay a final and binding arbitration award in excess of $1.6 million dollars.

Terminix is currently under investigation by the Attorney General’s office for drastically raising its annual renewal premiums for customers in Mobile and Baldwin County, often by thousands of dollars per customer. According to Tom Campbell, founder of the Birmingham and Mobile based law firm, Campbell Law PC, “this time Terminix has gone too far in refusing to pay the final judgment from an arbitration to an 80-year-old widow from Mobile.”

“Terminix has raised a lot of powerful eyebrows by its business practices,” says Campbell. “Rather than providing the services it promised to provide, that it was already paid to provide, that it was sometimes ordered by the regulators to provide, Terminix chose instead to run off tens of thousands of customers in the Mobile Area.”

Campbell further stated, “We hope Attorney General Marshall will not let Terminix abuse the tens of thousands of customers that the company abandoned. Indeed, my law firm has offered to help with these efforts in any way we can, provided that the relief sought makes whole every homeowner cheated by Terminix.”

“If you want to know what you can do to help,” Campbell says, “you should encourage the Attorney General or your local District Attorney to use the full power of the law to help protect the people of our wonderful state. Our elected officials have the responsibility to hold accountable this multibillion-dollar company that, on many occasions, has not only failed or refused to follow the applicable rules and regulations, it has knowingly disregarded orders to comply by Alabama’s regulatory agency.”

If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.