Of Mice and Moles . . . a Homeowner Caught in Terminix’s Trap.

Recently, Dawn Moore of Willingboro, New Jersey, reached out to TerminixComplaints.com with a story to share with us. Her tale begins with the discovery of mice in her home, but what follows is what many of us know as the tricks of Terminix’s trade.

Dawn tells us:

“My husband at the time saw a mouse in the master bathroom. When he told, me I was terrified. I never lived with mice and always said I never will.

So I called Terminix.

They came out the next day. The guy was very nice, did the estimate and then the next guy came out the next day to do the service. After he did the service with the traps and patching up holes, we never saw anything else . . .until exactly 8 months later.”

After discovering more evidence of mice, Dawn went back to the people who were supposed to help her.

“I called Terminix and got someone on the line, but she was looking for my account for 10-15 whole minutes and couldn’t find it. And then she hung up on me and never called me back. After seeing naughty stories I understand why I was treated the way I was. I found out when the guy came the first time, he forged my signature for a two-year contract that I never agree to. Once I found that out via an email I received I called Terminix and they canceled that and gave me my money back. I was wondering why all these hunks of money were coming out of my account. Actually it was a quarterly service.

They were liars, and they are cheaters. They seem so nice once they come to your house but they have an agenda to get more money for themselves and the company. I also have a mole issue in my yard and they convinced me to sign up for two-year contract. Once I signed up for that contract,I called and they will come out and put these worms in the ground. And they were only allowed to put a certain amount of worms that did not even cover my backyard. I’m like this is defeating the purpose. Then another Terminix guy came out and said both the neighbors on the sides of me need the contract as well because they have moles too. I said well I wasted my money, and he just looked like “yes, you did” and left. I called and cancelled that contract because that was $956. Such a waste of time, such a waste of money.”

We hear from folks like Dawn a lot around here. Has Terminix wasted your time and money? We would love to hear your story.

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