I am a pest control technician with Terminix. Please don’t blame us. Your complaints that I have read are all very true. The company does not pay us or allow us to do proper work. I personally give every customer my 100%.  In some cases, that means I don’t get paid for it. Terminix doesn’t only cheat the consumer out of millions upon millions of dollars a year, they cheat their employees as well.  We are forced to cheat you. Now that sucks.  Watch your tech mix his chemicals then ask to see the label and read the ratios. In most cases, you are paying for water.  That is why you still have problems as far as re-treats go. Your tech does not get paid for that work, so don’t be mad at him or her for no shows. How much of that shi* feeds our families? Blame the managers.  Do not let them rest until they personally solve your problem.  That is supposed to be their job. Complain to Memphis and don’t stop.  Be on the phone day and night. It’s a free call, 1-800-835-5869.  Beware, the salesmen coming to your house is trained to, if not able to find a problem to invent one. Usually termite, because this is the treatments that make Terminix the most money. The Sentricon system for baiting termites takes approximately two years to even begin to produce an effect.  This costs the consumers a lot of money and even more importantly a lot of wood damage to their property. Protect your elderly parents/relatives/friends. They are the most victimized.  Good luck to all.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.