I am an ex-Terminix technician. I tried hard and worked diligently to do my job and satisfy each customer, and I did my job efficiently and with the utmost courtesy toward the customer. I treated their houses as if they were my own and the way I would want my house treated.  My warning to all Terminix customers is if at all possible be at home when a tech is going to be there. Watch them and ask them questions about the problem and what their plans are for treating the problem.  If they are a tech that cares like I was, they won’t mind these questions and will take the time to address all of your concerns.  Terminix writes me off as a disgruntled employee.  I’m not.  I just care about people and their houses are major investments.  I know for a fact what goes on with the managers and what they tell the techs to do. I know what goes on with 97% of the techs.  I am sorry for not being with Terminix any more, and I apologize to all the customers whose houses I treated. Management forced me to leave on my own or be fired because I refused to do the shoddy work they told me to do.  I was told to go out and spray a little chemical around and tell the customer that would take care of it because they said this customer was just a complainer, only they didn’t say it so nice.  The branch manager told me his bonus was riding on getting all the inspections done and that I was spending too much time at the customers’ houses, that I should just crawl to the middle of the crawl space, shine my light around, and if I didn’t see anything, I was done.  He said I was to do this or else. I saved him the trouble. I don’t work that way!!! I did things on my own that needed to be done even when the company would not okay the work.  I spent weekends on my own time when I found houses that had not been treated properly and then turned the paperwork in that Monday. I had to fight to get chemical I needed to treat at the right mix to kill the termites.  A lot of the techs’ chemical has just enough chemical to make it look good but is not effective. A lot of houses don’t even get treated!!!! But the customer thinks it has and has paid money for a service they never received. I can’t prove any of this, but I know. And it makes me mad that Terminix, its sales people, its managers, branch managers, and especially the techs treat people the way they do when they wouldn’t want to be treated the same way.  There’s more I haven’t told you, but I would be happy to try to help anyone I can.  I am truly sorry for everyone involved with Terminix!!!

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.