We had to sue Terminix after they just about killed my wife and me with improper installation of their chemical and using too much product. Our case ended up with over 500 pages written by the Illinois EPA. They were the worst people my wife and I ever dealt with.  It took two years before the EPA said we could occupy. My wife was told she had chemically-induced asthma, and I had severe short-term memory loss. My wife coughed around the clock for a year and coughed so hard she cracked three ribs.  We never moved back into the house we loved and I had run a business out of for over 24 years. The EPA cited them, but we felt that they were also in bed with them because they okayed the chemicals and the process. Terminix lied about everything, including the chemicals they said they used and the amounts used.  They used, by what their own installer told us, was close to 500 gallons of mixed product in our house. The product they said they used was Dursban with the poison Chlorpyrifos in it, but the EPA said the product that came through our sump pump did not match the color of Dursban.  Dow Chemical came into our house many times and could not explain the different color.  We do know that it could have been from another product that was already banned. One of their men also poured raw poison in a water bottle for us to use if we wanted to (called Bora-Care). They were cited for that also. We had to pay for all 470 pages on our house from the EPA in Illinois, and Terminix was given theirs.  We found our own government was more interested in protecting their jobs than doing their jobs, and that was the saddest part my wife and I ever had to learn. We never went to arbitration; because after three years plus and poor attorneys, we settled out of court.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.