I have been a Terminix technician for four years now. I read all the complaints and wasn’t surprised at all.  I have worked in two different states for Terminix, however, I received superior training. I did book work for three weeks, rode along for two weeks after that with employees who trained me; and for the first week, the branch manager met me at all my service calls.  However, when I transferred to another branch in Florida, I was appalled at the service practices. The pesticides were being used in a careless manner, everybody did the splash and dash, whereas I was trained using IPM methods and baiting.  I lost an account because I refused to power spray around the building, in 30 mph winds; nonetheless, this was an ocean front property, which would have allowed the pesticide drift directly into the ocean. I was ridiculed by my employer and fellow employees for wearing my respirator, gloves, and protective equipment.  I was informed these protective devices were not necessary, and I may scare my customers.  I would also inform most of my customers not to be in the home while I sprayed or to leave for several hours after, until it completely dried.  Terminix has no regard whatsoever for the safety and protection of its employees or its customers.  As long as they have the check ready, they want you there.

The other thing that makes me irate is the so-called Quality Index all technicians must abide by.  I have changed its name to the monthly performance review that we have no control over.  Being in Florida, many of my customers are elderly, and eventually die.  When a customer dies and the service is canceled, we are charged back with that cancellation. Also when someone moves, someone cancels because the office girl was rude to them, or the bill was messed up, which is usually not of the technician’s control, they are the ones who ultimately pay the price for it.  A run down of the Quality Index is this: I have a route of $10,000 a month, if I have less than 3% loss on that route, I can make 25% of the $20,000, which is $2500 in my pocket.  However, if I have more than a 3% loss, I only get 17%, only $1700.  So in short, a $300 loss can mean $800 out of your pocket. Also many people don’t know that your bonus comes out of the branch profit, and if the profit looks high, the manager gets a big bonus, so usually the manager isn’t too upset about the high loss numbers, it just means more money for him.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.