I, too, am an ex-Terminix employee. I read every single letter from the ex and current employees, and it all sounded like a broken record.  My first day with Terminix, I rode with another new guy who had experience with another company.  We went to two houses.  He showed me how to treat for general pests.  The rest of the day, he sat in the truck while I bluffed my way through the rest of the day’s work. That was all the training I ever received.

As for complaints about pay, all true. They rip you off any and every way imaginable. I worked 12-hour days, six days a week for years. My reward? Being denied health and dental benefits when I needed them most. Wife pregnant? Sorry. Improper paper work. Dental insurance files lost in the mail?  Tough luck.

As for customer service? The customer be DAMNED!  Chemicals were rationed to the point you were basically spraying water. A customer with termites?  Those aren’t termites!  They only LOOK like termites!  Termite damage? It was there before we came on the scene and therefore isn’t our responsibility!  The contract clearly states live termites MUST be found before we approve damage repairs.  (Of course, the termites were disturbed and left when initially discovered). Bottom line? Greenbacks.  Every branch manager is paid a yearly bonus that’s a percentage of that branch’s fiscal year profit, generally 10%.  Oftentimes, this yearly bonus would equal or exceed their 40-50K salary. This scheme gives great incentive to the branch manager to keep wages, chemical and repair costs to an absolute minimum.  Every dollar NOT paid out is money in his pocket.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.