I am so excited to find your site!  I have been in the pest control business in Texas since 5/89. I quit working for a small, local pest control company (Dallas Pest and Termite) when ServiceMaster bought it. To this day, most consumers don’t realize that Dallas Pest is a division of Terminix.  They will fire Terminix and hire Dallas Pest never knowing they are one and the same.  Now, they are trying to buy the current company I work for, Bizzy Bees Pest Control. The company is being sold against the will of all the employees and the minority owner.  His father-in-law happens to be the majority owner and wants to sell.  We are fighting it tooth and nail.  Terminix’s plan, if they buy us, is to keep the Bizzy Bees name and once again mislead the public into thinking it’s not them.  We will not lie down on this. A lot of people in the pest control business are good, honest, hard-working people; and we also consider it an insult what Terminix and other companies like them have done to the consumer and the reputation of all honest, upstanding pest control professionals.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.