I worked for Terminix for 14 years in Ohio, and I can absolutely relate to a lot of the employee complaints as well as customer complaints. I started as a route tech and worked my way to service management.  The biggest problem is with the regional management.  All they care about is how much money the individual branch can make in a given month. Sales and completion of accounts are so important they count these even when nothing has been done!  They run these branches with the least amount of personnel they can. That way, they can make more money while putting more pressure on the employees. This results in employees not caring about the quality of the service but the quantity. Their main goal is just get it signed and then we worry about the results. A signed service ticket is all they really care about. Terminix actually pre-bills their customers for services not yet received! This only results in massive accounting problems and falsification of a lot of service records.  Terminix is an out of control monster of the pest control industry and they need to be put in their place!  Do not call this company for pest control. Instead, call a locally owned company. You will get better service; they really care about their customers.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.