I was employed by Terminix as an “inspector” for one year.  In truth, I was expected to sell termite control to any homeowner I came into contact with.  The pressure to produce a sale bordered on abuse.  Each day began with a review of the previous days’ activity.  The sales manager or branch manager would berate each and every inspector for his or her shortcomings and threaten dire consequences for failing to improve their “numbers.”  After failing to fleece enough folks, I was reassigned to pest control sales.  Even so, I understood that termite sales were the primary goal. Senior citizens were an especially inviting target; they usually owned their home and could be easily frightened by the prospect of serious damage to their most precious possession. If they did not have the money, easy financing was available.  In fact, we were instructed to never show a cash price for termite control, but rather to write up a finance agreement with prepaid annual premiums included as the first gambit.

I take pride in the fact I would not mislead potential customers.  I did my best to reduce prices whenever possible, even though it exposed me to constant criticism and threats of termination. The atmosphere was so vile that I was physically ill for months. I finally sought medical care and counseling.  I have a new job with a wonderful company.  My health is returning to normal, and I can finally sleep without major sedation.  My heart goes out to those still suffering at the hands of those [expletive deleted].

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.