I was dumb enough to take a job offer to return to Terminix after being a former employee. I was “hired” on July 6th and took a drug screen, did an MVR and background check, which took four weeks to get back, and this is after I had quit my other job thinking I was back at Terminix. Finally, I was brought back on the 26th and worked until today when I was told I was not rehirable after waiting four weeks turning down numerous job offers, waiting for them to reply, and then working for them for a week and being told this. These people lie, cheat, and steal and care about no one but themselves.  I have filed a complaint with the Missouri Dept. of Labor due to my feelings of being discriminated against. They have employees at this branch who cannot read, do not calibrate termite equipment for proper flow rate of termiticide and they lie to people telling that the damage they have is from termites when it is actually carpenter ants that were destroying the wood. Why do this instead of treating for carpenter ants?  Because they make more money from a termite sale than they do a pest sale.  People beware!!! If they treat their own employees like this, how do you think they will treat you?

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.