After seeing the employee complaints on this site, I am disgusted to have to remember all that I have seen and done.  I see the customer complaints, and they sound all too familiar.  I have dealth with many customers and have sold many customers. Not lying to them, but just telling them that I can fix it. And I did the best I could with what I had.  There are many points that could be mentioned.  It’s true… for some reason, we were always out of materials to treat according to how they trained us.  We had to be issued out certain amounts of everything, and if were werre out, that’s it.  Find another solution.  Sometimes, we were told to add flea chemicals to water instead of the proper chemical. As long as we weren’t breaking the law, all goes.  We were told that the customer is #1 and make them happy, but go ahead and spray flea chemicals to the ants and mounds and then hand them the bill.  When I was being trained, while checking Sentricon, my mentor and others that I trained with (many years experience) would fly through each station and finish up a house in a matter of minutes. While in the video, each station the tech would kneel down and carefully inspect each piece of wood.  I would follow running behind the mentor stating that certain pieces of wood should be changed out because it would fall apart trying to be reinserted back into the station. His comment would be, “‘COME ON!”  Some comments I have been told by techs, mentor, or higher:

  • “If the customer wants you to go in the attic and inspect, don’t argue.  Just go up there and stomp around, throw some granules, and get your ass out of there.”
  • “If you run out of mousetraps, use whatever you have” (or vice versa)
  • “Starting to get low on chemicals, dilute it until you can get the next issued bottle” (next week?!?!)
  • “We are out… nope, we are out of that too… out… out of that… no dude, you know we don’t have that right now.”
  • “The customer is your #1 priority. If they want you to spray here and there, don’t argue… they are paying for your service and some are paying for some conversation.  Sometimes, I am asked to just sit and drink coffee with them and after a long while has passed, then told not to worry about pest control this time. they just want someone to talk to.”
  • “Dude, you don’t have time to chit chat with the customers.  If they try to talk to you, just keep walking.  We hgave too many customers to be serviced to B—sh– with each one. Just tell them you have appointments to keep and keep moving.”

(The last lines were the final reason of me terminating my own employment.)


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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.