North Carolina

I have been working in a Terminix office for a year in NC and can honestly say the greed is thick with this company. I see it is not only in TI but with the franchises as well.  When I started with them, I was trained in one day and left all alone to “figure the rest out.” I did it and did it well.  I was under the impression that everything was the branch’s fault that it was messed up until I saw the whole picture!!! The area manager for our office was harrassing the two main business makers who were making him look good and making the money. Frankly, he was jealous because they were probably making more than him. I was being sexually harrassed on a daily basis by him.  The service manager left because he could not deal with it anymore. What a shame.  He now has his own company and is doing very well for himself.  They sent in another manager who totally corrupted the place.  We lost several large accounts; because he was pushing through tickets that I know there was NO WAY possible that were worked.  NO WAY can about 500 to 600 houses be serviced in about three days with someone going home at 2 p.m. every day!! Not to mention that he wasn’t in the office until 10 a.m. every day. Now the company is trying to sue them for the bill!!!  WHAT A JOKE!!!  How in anyone’s ethical mind can you sue someone for something that was never done???  Not to mention that I invoiced several bait (termite) jobs where all the paperwork was there, and the job “appeared” to be done but was not!!! These businesses paid alot of money for this stuff and never got it until the bait check was due and then it was discovered  no bait stations were there!! The area manager plays dumb to this stuff, but we all know he knew all along. He just does not care. Why should he?  He is getting paid while the rest of us “replaceable employees” are starving and barely getting by.  This company has NO ethics. Sad to say, they would lie to their own mothers to make a dime!! RUN from Terminix and go with a good local company.  You will get more satisfaction.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.