As an ex-employee, I have witnessed most every situation I have read in these pages. I worked with other techs that might have sprayed your window sills with some chemical and called it an inside pest service to not having any chemicals to use and improvise. I also know of techs that have tagged your door and never applied even water!  I’ve been employed by two offices over the past couple of years.  The routes were terribly unorganized, only the older employees or a**-kissing new ones had a route that could produce a decent paycheck. I was told many times how Terminix cared about their employees but saw nothing in either office to back that up.  No one cares about the customer either, they only care about the bottom line. The more they move into an international company, the worse things get.  Now they are requiring under-paid, commissioned employees to spend more unpaid time in the office to facilitate a computer program that is putting hundreds of employees out of work. The management is lacking in most all aspects of work ethic and office policies. Most were grandfathered in before you had to take any kind of test to see if you had what it takes.  I took over routes that had been neglected so terribly that there was no saving the accounts, but we (the techs) were expected to work nights calling customers, work days in and out of houses and businesses, and still come into the office to redo and reorganize, retype our paperwork now, three times more, then to download all of it in a computer and not get paid for doing it.  Our usual checkout at the end of the day turned from a 10-minute job to a 2-hour-or-more project.  I think there is a law about employees having to work for nothing that went out with slave labor, last I heard. Now I know Alabama really didn’t want to let go of that and at Terminix they haven’t!

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.