I too have had the “pleasure” of working for Terminix.  Let me just tell you that everything in this site is 100% true.  I have also seen techs use water and no chemicals, never get out of the truck, or even go to the house; BUT THE CUSTOMER STILL GETS THE BILL….  I have seen inspectors who have “found termites” (but the foundation dirt is different than what the inspector finds), the office staff is no help, rude, and has no time for the customers let alone time to help a tech with anything. Now for management…  Well, that’s another story. They could care less about the techs or office staff.  As long as their numbers look good to regional staff then they are happy and screw everyone else.  I couldn’t take it anymore. I am a hard worker and a team player.  I was so tired of being the team. Paychecks, what paychecks… I would end up working about 65 hours a week and only get paid for 42, and that was after being told I would be fully compensated (ha-ha). I worked very close with my techs and made sure they went where they were scheduled to be and serviced the way they had to.  I felt bad that I just left them with no notice and they have to work with the people they were stuck with, but I do have respect for the people who contracted Terminix and I do not agree with what Terminix will do to “SAVE A BUCK.”

The people who are invited by Terminix to have the Sentricon bait system installed around their homes… save your money.  You’re talking about a little plastic tube in the ground on the outside of your house. Besides you’re lucky if the tech will check it anyway. Most of the techs just hand write a ticket and put it in the door (if you’re lucky) or clear it from the scanner and not even check the stations.  I am not saying they don’t work fully (not at all) BUT that is if and only if the termites go into the station and not around them (in most cases).  Then you play hell trying to get anyone out for the damage claim… let alone pay for anything. Make sure you read ALL CONTRACT info… You can save a lot of money on the lawyers. You can’t take them to court for anything.  It’s in the contract you have to sign.  So, good luck; and I hope I have been some help to everyone.  ***DON’T USE TERMINIX***

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.