I was an employee of Terminix for about three years.  In that three years, I never had a complaint from a customer, always showed up for work, and did my job to the best of my abilities.  I have read several complaints from ex-employees about spraying with water, not going to the house, and the way they were treated.  I would never spray with just water. I would just tell the customer we were out of chemical.  I did this on several occasions.  A multi-million dollar company; and I was out of chemical, because a manager that saw it better not to buy chemical to show a little more profit.  Now about the not showing up at houses. I didn’t do that, but I know a lot of people at Terminix that did do it.  Damage claims were another joke.  I was a termite technician, and I have found termites before going up a slab with pin holes in the sheet-rock on the inside; and the manager would tell the people it was ants and that they were not covered for ants.  Some people were too smart for that, and he would give them some BS story about water leaks, foundation below grade, or a crack in the slab. I don’t care what kind of slab you have in Louisiana — it is going to crack, so that voids your contract with Terminix.  Another thing I didn’t agree with is hazard surveys. We were told to give them out, and I did until I found out what it was really used for. They said it was to inform the customer about possible conditions for termites, but it is actually a document that helps Terminix not pay damage claims. When you get termites, they tell you that you have been told to fix these areas, and that it is your fault that you have termites, when it was their job to find them before you even had damage.

In the office I worked in, I was the only one who would find termites. I wondered why until I rode with some other technicians. They wouldn’t even look for termites, or on a crawl would just crawl under a house and lie there for about ten minutes or until they finished the cigarette, whichever came first.  In one complaint, I saw a person said they were instructed to spray in the rain.  We never sprayed in the rain. We put out granules, which, in most cases, you could watch the granules float off in the water; but we were told to tell the customer it was just as good as the spray on a sunny day.  People would believe just because we told them. You can’t do a termite inspection in the rain whether it be checking a house or stations if it is wet.  90% of the time they are not there. Like I said earlier, I worked for Terminix for almost three years (and in that three years, I sold for Terminix over $190,000); I always came to work; was never late for an appointment; and never had a complaint. All I got for my efforts were pay cut after pay cut. For an example, on a $2,000 termite job with 300 linear feet, my first year I would make $160 for that job as commission.  My second year, it was cut to $45.  My third year, it was cut to $15. Last year, I averaged $2,800 a month with my sales.  Then in December, I was changed to an hourly rate. I got $10 an hour with no possibility of overtime and was told I would be making the same; but by my figures, it is $1600 a month.  That was a $1200 cut a month. I talked to my manager about a raise and told him I would have to quit if I didn’t get a raise. He told me bye bye. So I quit. I was a good worker and was the top producer in my office every month with about 15,000 to 20,000 production a month, but Terminix didn’t care nor will they ever care. I would not recommend anyone to work for Terminix, because it is a bullsh** company.


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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.