Was told during an interview and subsequent meetings with a Terminix Branch Manager that I would receive a base pay in addition to 20% of the route that I was to take over. The money sounded great, so I left my job and went to work for them. After riding with the other technicians, I quickly realized through conversation that the base salary was taken back once the commission on the route surpassed it.  Then, I received a healthcare package that simply blew my mind…..$460.00/mo.?  I have a friend who has his own business and is self-insured, and he pays less than this which leads me to believe that ServiceMaster contributes nothing to their health plan.
Well, thank God I didn’t burn my bridges with my old job; because I am happily employed again with them…..a thousand dollars or so poorer from my month with Terminix but nonetheless employed.  After reading many of the posts with regard to improper applications and the like, I do have to give credit to the Terminix branch that I worked for briefly…..they did follow the laws and did their best to help their customers.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.