Beware of this company.  I have recently been working for them and left recently.  They treat customers horrible and lie to them.  I even overheard a sales rep say, “Oops, I overcharged this guy $500.00,” and the other technicians said, “Oh, well.” Not to mention the no-shows for appointments, refunds that don’t happen or that will take a year to complete, excessive billing sometimes to the point a customer doesn’t remember if they paid or not; and they actually have credits on their accounts of hundreds of dollars.  The sales representatives do lie all the time about the pest to the customers.  Sometimes, well not sometimes mostly all the time, they make the customer  believe that their pest problem is bigger than it really is.  They lie about what the pest can and will do to their home.  People also have a lot of complaints about damages, carpet and termite damage. I would never recommend Terminix to anyone and all the people I know who still work there say the same thing.  That’s bad when you work for a company you don’t believe in, and this was at the corporate customer affairs office in Tennessee.

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If you have been wronged by Terminix or another termite company, you don't have to fight alone.