Bloomington, Illinois

Just an update on the on-going @#%$! that the big T is doing on my workers’ comp injury. First I get followed around by T employees trying to see if the four specialists that I’ve been to are all not telling the truth about the extent of my injuries. The manager of the branch still refuses to admit that he was notified of my fall, nor will he or anyone else respond to me or the lawyer I had to hire.  The positive note to my case is that all five of the techs that were there when I started have all quit because of what they did to me over my injury. After all, if they will screw over an employee working over 70 hours per week and salvaging most all of the angry customers from the last tech that had the route, they will screw over anyone. The injuries are forever; the doctors have officially stated that surgery would not help but hinder me further. Right now after 8 months I still cannot hold my own son, and he only weighs 40 lbs.  The health insurance that I have is from my wife’s job and they are now throwing their support to my case by filing with my lawyer stating that the big T should have paid for a work injury that happened on the job, and instead of firing me without following their own rules. Even the Illinois Dept. of Labor has taken an interest in how they treat employees.  Maybe if enough people publicly spoke out like this site is doing they would have to change their ways or fold. That is my hope.  The only thing I can say now is if they don’t like what is being said about them maybe they open their eyes and fix the reasons for the complaints.  I have not seen them follow their own motto about honoring God or anything else. They have NO HONOR IN ANYTHING THEY DO.

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